A Dancer hits Gaga on the Head

The US artist Pop diva Lady Gaga suffered concussion when a speedy dancer accidentally hit her on the head with a metal pole during her final New Zealand show.

Pop diva Lady Gaga was performing her hit “Judas” at Auckland’s Vector Arena when the accident left her seeing stars, 3News reported. Footage of the incident indicated her staggering briefly after the pole crashed on the top of her head then regathering herself and continuing the concert.

She later told fans “I wanna apologise if I am rambling tonight, but not sure if you noticed, I hit my head earlier and I think I may have a concussion—do not worry though, I am gonna finishing the show.”

The make-up artist of the singer Tara Savelo took to Twitter after the show to assure fans that the star was in good shape. Follow Dancer hits Gaga Head.

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