After Gadhafi’s death, Libya’s de facto leaders face new challenges

After the death of Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s de facto leaders face new challenge of maintaining the fragile unity which they preserved, while the deposed dictator was on the run as they begin transforming their war-battered nation into a democracy after 42 years by the one-man rule. The task now is not easy.

The National Transitional Council, the top revolutionary authority, of Libya confronts multiple problems; bringing the scattered militias who ousted Gadhafi under control; halting revenge attacks on Gadhafi loyalists; recovering looted arms; caring for thousands of casualties; restoring oil production; repairing war damage; and keeping a lid on regional tensions and radical Islam.

At the same time, the group self-proclaimed former officials, academics, military officers and others who are torn by personal and ideological differences, have an ambitious plan of democratization. It includes the maintenance of Libya’s first free elections within eight months, which should make a statement Saturday, the “liberation” of Qaddafi is his rule.

“The Libyan people have a great responsibility for an inclusive, tolerant and democratic in Libya, which stands as the ultimate blame to build Gaddafi dictatorship”

President Barack Obama said hours after an injury Gaddafi was arrested and probably killed by opposition forces after a siege of nearly six weeks in his home town of Sirte.

New era begins with Libya advantages over other former authoritarian countries-considered, for the period between the Civil War and the founding of the first elected government is historically the most dangerous.

The infrastructure of Libya is still relatively intact, some offices continue to operate and where they have not adopted a self-organized groups of civil society. It is unlikely sectarian and ethnic unrest that rocked Iraq. The National Transitional Council enjoys respect among Libya 6.4 million people and the international recognition, and should soon have access to some 110 billion dollars in assets frozen by sanctions against the regime of Gaddafi.


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