Anchors Follow Foreign Agenda

By Sajjad Shaukat

Some journalists have penetrated in Pakistan’s media in such a way that it is much difficult for the general masses to understand their real intentions as they are following and completing the hidden agenda of anti-Pakistan elements. In this regard, a layman needs to go in depth to know the real face of Pakistani TV anchors and senior journalists like Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi who are serving the interests of US and India clandestinely by sabotaging the national interests of Pakistan.

In this respect, the shocking audiotape of a conversation between Hamid Mir and a man purportedly linked to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, had revealed that negative information which Mir passed on to the Taliban led to the assassination of Retired Squadron Leader Khalid Khawaja, but to divert the attention, it was allegedly propagated that he was killed by a group calling themselves the “Asian Tigers.” In the conversation, Mir goes on to detail what he knows about Khawaja’s background, sometimes linking him to the CIA agent named William Casey and sometimes to an international network of Qadianis.

Besides, Hamid Mir met many Taliban militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan. When Afghanistan was attacked by the US-led allied forces, Osama Bin Laden secretly invited Hamid Mir for his interview. In fact, he was having close ties both with the militants and external intelligence agencies. It was the former president Musharaff who was also deceived by Mir who used him to get popularity in the field of journalism.

In the recent past, in the tone of America, Mir, negatively, blamed that ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha was also involved in the memogate issue. Secret contacts of the Hamid Mir with the enemy of Pakistan could be judged from the fact that in the past, he took shelter in America by spreading rumours that his life is at stake. Once again, he is playing the same game. In fact, he himself feels guilty over his covert links with the Al-Qaeda-related militants and CIA.

As regards Najam Sethi, he has also been playing a double game with Pakistan by instigating the common men against the integrity of the country through his shrewd insight. While working on the payroll of his American and Indian masters, he leaves no stone unturned in implicating Pak Army and ISI in one or the other way. It was because of his anti-Pakistan trends and pro-American approach that Geo TV Channel hired his services.

While, serving as editor of the Daily Times, Najam Sethi wrote a number of editorials in the paper by distorting the image of Pakistan, its security forces and its intelligence agencies. One can read previous copies of Daily Times as evidence.

Question arises as to why both the media anchors never spoke about US-led state terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, atrocities in Abu Graib, and CIA- controlled torture cells in Afghanistan including other covert operations in Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Uzbekistan etc.

It is notable that in the last few years, failed in their misadventure, US top officials and their media have perennially been blaming Pak army and ISI in supporting the Afghan Taliban. In the recent past, US Admiral Mike Mullen (R) accused that the Haqqani network is waging a ‘proxy war’ in Afghanistan with the assistance of ISI. Some Indian rulers and Karzai-led puppet regime in Afghanistan also expressed similar views. As part of the foreign plot, Pakistan has become special target of the internal and external crises created by the United States, India and Israel through their secret agencies, CIA, RAW and Mossad which are in connivance to destabilize Pakistan as it is the only ‘nuclearsied’ country in the Islamic World. In this context, these agencies have been sending well-trained agents and militants in Pakistan, who commit various subversive acts in the country.

No doubt, in some different way, both Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi are speaking the language of these foreign enemies in maligning Pak Army and ISI. In this connection, they have been using the memogate issue to implicate Pakistan’s security agencies. Their major aim is to create division between the civil and military institutions of Pakistan. Thus, they could not only get good media coverage in the foreign media, but could also get more financial incentive by their external paymasters. Nonetheless, this is the real face of Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations



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