‘Anonymous’ hacks China’s Websites: The Real Identity of the Hackers’ Group

While in the recent years, the US has repeatedly accused China and North Korea of hacking the official websites of the United States, but Anonymous said that it attacked and hacked China’s websites on Thursday, though Chinese government officials denied the websites were ever hacked.

However, Anonymous left the message, Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible, today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall,” the English-language message read. “What you are doing today to your Great People, tomorrow will be inflicted to you—with no mercy.”

As regards the real identity, although there is no evidence about Anonymous group of hackers—for whom they are working. Some believe that this group is backed by CIA, while some opine that its hackers are being supported by Israeli Mossad and Indian RAW. In fact, Anonymous hacking group mostly defaced the official and private websites of China and the Muslim World. Its activists have always hacked the websites of renowned writers and authors of the Islamic World, who have exposed the secret activities of CIA, RAW and Mossad which are destabilizing the Muslim countries, especially Pakistan and Iran. Both are target of these secret agencies due to their atomic programme. Anonymous group is, in fact, jeopardizing the interests of America and Israel in wake of war against terrorism which has resulted in growing cost of war, and debt crisis in the US, causing other related-problems for Americans.

However, Beijing was making strenuous efforts on Thursday to restore several official websites which international hacking group Anonymous admitted that it attacked in an obvious protest against Chinese Internet restrictions.

On a Twitter account in March, Anonymous China listed the websites it admitted that it hacked over the last several days. These sites include government bureaus in several Chinese cities including in Chengdu, a provincial capital in southwest China.

According to sources, some of the sites are still blocked, with error messages shown.

Anonymous hacking group has defaced many websites around the world. Their internet activists are engaged in political causes including opposition to the global clampdown on file-sharing sites and defence of the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks.

Moreover, in a message left on one of the hacked Chinese sites, cdcbd.gov.cn, a home page for Chengdu’s business district—the hackers expressed their anger with the Chinese government for placing restrictions on the Internet.

The message also gave instructions on how to circumvent China’s restrictions on its Internet. The government tries to block Internet users in China from seeing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Information on politically sensitive topics is often blocked.

The real identity of the Anonymous group of hackers is still unknown, but its attacks on the websites of the Muslim countries and China clearly show that CIA, Mossad and RAW are supporting this group’s hackers.

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