Bangla workers! A new Danger for Sex in Bangladesh?

Prostitutes in brothels in Bangladesh are often minor and not paid – and now, many health effects of steroids that are damaging to their health.I walk along a corridor, painted in bright colors that caught my eye a couple of girls, then my hands. I have to smile and laugh.

They are about the same age as my older daughter, 17 and 15 see. I like girls,  girls in long dresses and makeup, and it was beautiful. In your face, I see the same enthusiasm and optimism of youth that I have in my house every day.

But there the comparison. Since I am in Faridpur in central Bangladesh, the river Padma am? And female sex workers. Every day should be in contact with four or five different men, for the price of 100 taka or £ 1 every time. And for most of the girls here, there is no economic benefit whatsoever, for most of the detainees (and, in many ways like a prison) in the Faridpur brothel is chhukri or sex workers who stuck sold their families to a lady in exchange for two or three years in which the brothel-owner can pocket all the profits.

Dr Bashirul Islam, head of health services in Faridpur, in collaboration with Action Aid. Oradexon says can be extremely dangerous to the health of young women. “It’s a life-saving drugs for very serious problems that [the drug is a steroid hormone that is used to treat inflammatory diseases]. Made by these girls, prevents the kidneys, increases blood pressure and interfere with normal hormone production.

It also causes extensive edema, or swelling of the whole body are also serious problems with drugs come off, it is extremely addictive, so if girls stop taking it, they need lots of  help – get bad stomach pains, they are sick, headaches. ” As for where he comes from, Oradexon readily available from charlatans, or qualified pharmacists who generally operate across Bangladesh, Islam said.

“There should be better regulation to stop selling drugs, but no,” he said. Asha, 19, is one of many girls who use drugs. He says his other name – “I only Asha – means” Hope “-. brothel for two years and they are willing to tell me that he came here, alone, who was forced to live – but I’ve already warned all the girls here say that even history, because “they were aware of what’s to blame for their families or their employers.

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