Beyonce flashes her super mommy Cleavage for Super Bowl Radio Promotion

Beyonce flashing her super mommy Cleavage for Super Bowl Radio PromotionWell, forget lip-synch controversies, that is child’s play concerns, let’s talk Beyonce and her mommy body, which whether she did delivery Blue Ivy or not, is looking rather MILFtastic in these days but now that she is back on the Hottieville circuit, performing, prepping for her Super Bowl appearance, and just all around looking might fine.

The 31 year-old singer Beyonce, hit Radio Row in New Orleans for the NFL to promote the ball game that truly needs no promotion, but, silliness aside, we got a chance to see However, Beyonce flashing her cans and still one of our favorite curvaceous bodies in the business. We care not about lip-synching, but lockings lips and hips, tha is another matter.

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