Dire Repercussions of Israeli invasion of Iran

Despite the directions of the US and UK, not to attack Iran, Israel seems to be determined to attack Iran which has repeatedly threatened to retaliate. However, any Israeli invasion on Iraq will result in dire repercussions in the region as well as whole the world.

Such an attack will cause drastic impact on the US war against terrorism, not only in Pakistan, but also in Afghanistan where US-led NATO forces are already facing defeatism. It is likely to undermine global efforts of stability both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the recent Pak-Afghan-Iran summit, Islamabad has said that it will support Iran in case of Israeli invasion, and will not allow its territory to be used by America. In case of military adventure against Tehran, it will not be possible for the US-led allies to complete the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan in 2014.

Attack on Iran will unite the Arab and non-Arab states, consequently resulting in massive hostility towards Americans. Such a scenario, will give a greater incentive to the extremist elements in Pakistan and the Middle East. Both Iran and Pakistan could stand together to frustrate the US strategic designs. Their alliance with Syria would radicalize a vast region from Pakistan to Somalia to Nigeria, bringing about more terrorism against the Americans. Nevertheless, American worldwide interests are likely to be jeopardized in these countries including whole of the Middle East where the US has already failed in coping with the Islamic militants directly or indirectly. These developments will further reduce the US bargaining leverage on hostile small countries such as North Korea, Venezuela etc. While Islamabad has already rejected American pressure after the US-led air strikes which killed 24 soldiers in Pakistan in November last year. After the suspension of NATO supply to Afghanistan and the vacation of Shamsi Airbase, Islamabad decided to review its relationship with Washington. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s high officials, political and religious leaders have strongly condemned the US Congress resolution tabled by Dana Rohrabacher, calling upon Pakistan to “recognise the right of self-determination for Balochistan,” as a “conspiracy against Pakistan”, “provocative”, and “intervention in country’s internal matters.” On the other hand, US still needs Pakistan’s help for peace process with Afghan Taliban and for stability in Afghanistan.

Besides, American cost of war against terrorism will further increase, giving a greater blow to the US economy. Any prospective Israeli attack will not only bring about severe hike in oil prices, but will create economic instability which will affect all the western countries. It will divide the Islamic and western worlds, culminating into third world war.

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