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Deepika Padukone selected Garnier Skin NaturalsYou know, Garnier Skin Naturals have just introducing one of their international bestsellers in India — the BB cream, and they have selected Deepika Padukone to be the face. Sitting across her, it is easy to see why the brand picked the star. Her skin in real life is unbelievable.

For Padukone, who is usually pretty picky about the products it supports, nail Garnier BB cream that was “almost like an all-in-one. I think that for women who use a moisturizer and then a SPF, and then a concealer, and then wear their make-up, now have a product that does everything for you at once. It is great for Indian women on-the-go, especially working women, “she adds.

But the beauty of philosophy goes deeper plum indications. Here is everything you have learned to Deepika is beautiful than her mother and from modeling days. Including why it is healthy to indulge sometime, too.

Beauty Tips of the mother: “It is a bit mental, but it’s true!”

Beauty knowledge inherited from her mother, include basics like “eat your vegetables, get enough sleep and work out and exercise.” But the most important lesson learned was to keep feeling and thinking positive.

“I think it makes a huge difference – keeping away the negativity from your life is a bit mentally, but it’s true.”

Model tricks: “Eyebrows are very important”

Opposite lanes and wheels, Padukone is partnered with some of the most talented make-up of India and professional photographers and got a few tricks along the way. Do not dismiss an eyebrow.

“Eyebrows are very important,” says Deepika. “Although you have the right thickness and shape, I fix your face.”

Over-thinning and over-plan are two pitfalls of Indian women often fall into.

“What many tend to do is go to a salon and keep passing and passing the eyebrows, and one day you will be left with eyebrow pencil thin”.

“Thicker eyebrows make you look younger” is the attitude. And a little tidbit for aspiring models: “People tend to look straight into the camera, but a little profile always looks better.”

Fitness mantra: “Eat healthy, eat right, eat often”

It is, quite possibly, one of the best actors in Bollywood with an enviable athletic frame has both stint as badminton player and a commitment to healthy living.

Rubbishes has the idea that a diet is almost dying of hunger; “It is more about healthy eating, eating well and eating often.”

Rather than throw the virtues of working out, stresses the importance of not working out every once in a while.

“People are generally two ends, or do any workout or workout every day,” she says, “But I think it is important to maintain a balance. It is important to give your body that time to rest and recover.”

“And it’s good to indulge sometime,” signs off, “my tolerance is chocolate.”

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