Final Review of Falling Skies Season includes a lot of dialogue


Either TNT has budgetary problems or these are the writers of Falling Skies, so anxious to prove that it is a character-driven drama that they purposely leave out main sequences.

It raises a number of questions as this show has suffered from a focus on exposition over action throughout the summer. Never was this more evident than on the two-hour season review—what vital scenes were not show on “Mutiny” and “Eight Hours.”

Porter’s death-any of the attack on his cam, while Tom steals the charges off Pope’s bombs, and Rick talks with the harnessed young girl in the forest also includes, The attack on Weaver and the 2nd Mass in Boston.

Instead, viewers were treated to one long speech after another, with characters simply telling us about what happened. And we’re talking about major events here! Would it have been so difficult to kick off the opening hour with Dai speeding away from Porter’s camp? With a shot of that integral character being killed?

The first half of the episode, overall, felt like forced filler. Tom and Weaver had just bonded, literally hours earlier, in the latter’s old apartment. Suddenly, they were at such odds that they went all Crimson Tide on us? And the key player in their feud was some guy named Danner, a never-before-seen Lieutenant? Who was then killed an hour later?

Eventually, we were back to where we started, the attack on the aliens was imminent and the 2nd Mass was on board. It felt mostly like a waste just to get us to the crux of the final review.

Pope says, “It may not seem that way from most of this review, but I am on board for season two. There is a lot to like about Falling Skies – Noah Wyle, the unknown motives of the aliens, the harnessed kids, but there are also many changes I would like to see. If the series ups the action and dials down the explanatory discourse, I would be happier than a bazooka-firing Tom Mason.”

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