Frank Miller’s humour on the Occupy Wall Street protests

Frank Miller has spent much of his time and famed comic book, writing career creating dark, urban dystrophies, but the revolutionary scribe has little attention on the chaos as he says, reigns at Zuccotti Park.

Earlier this week, Miller told us how Batman would deal with the Occupy Wall Street protests. His answer seemed to have a sense of humor in show business, but that was before we read this blog over in ink by Frank Miller.

Apparently, he is crazy about much more than drum circles controversial. The “filling” of the movement, if the display itself on Wall Street or in the streets of Oakland (which embraced with unspeakable cowardice, it) is anything but an exercise of our First Amendment blessed. “Occupy” is nothing but a bunch of thugs, thieves and rapists, an unruly crowd, fueled by nostalgia for the era Woodstock and putrid false justice.

These clowns can do nothing but hurt America. America is at war against a ruthless enemy, “he added later.” Perhaps, between bouts of self-pity and other tidbits of narcissism was until I served you in your safe, comfortable little world, you have heard terms such as Al-Qaeda and Islamism. ”

Although, for most participants to complete the world while now, imbalances in the economy, businesses and abuse in government tax officials’ close ties to Wall Street, protest, Miller discusses the war against terrorism the slamming of the emerging movement.

Miller called the back book “propaganda”, a kind of objection, as Hitler fought Captain America, the tears of the media as propaganda tilted in its own right, and said. “Murdered 3000 of my neighbors, my country was totally unfounded, brutally attacked.

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