Gestational hair loss of women after pregnancy

During and after pregnancy, hair loss, caused by gestation is mostly found in women. In fact, gestational hair loss is due to hormonal changes. A majority of females experiences hair loss in almost 90 days after delivery. In this regard, pregnancy usually changes the alignment of the hormones of a woman in several ways. Hair becomes the first victim, when hormone levels change.

Hair cells grow rapidly reflecting changes in global hormone environment in a female body. Pregnancy triggers production of sex hormone estrogen in a female body which extends the growing phase of hair cycle. During pregnancy, many women find that their hair is much fuller and more luxurious. However, after birth, estrogen levels drop and more hair falling into the resting (deluge) phase. The result is that the hair may fall more, and the rest cycle may last between 2 and 6 months, it may take time to see the return of hair growth phase.

Hair normally grows at about ½ inch per month. Hair reinstatement usually takes much longer and it may take up to one year for hair to stage prior to pregnancy. You may think that you’re going bald before the hair resumption process begins. You must not interfere with this process and let it be completed in its own natural way.

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