History of Gaddafi’s Regime


Making him the world’s longest ruling head of state, Libyan former President Muammar Gaddafi have ruled over Libya for exactly 42 years, while, he leaves the scene, his wretched reign deserves an appraisal. Gaddafi took power at the age of 27 in the waning days of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the immensely influential pan-Arab leader of Egypt, and saw himself as Nasser’s acolyte but with a greater ambitions.

As Nasser’s dream of one Arab nation from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf as an end in itself, Gaddafi saw Arab unity as a first step towards the unity of Muslims. Although Gaddafi is not to make any kind of unity, and “Third International Theory” in the Green Paper details 1975 proved to be completely broke, he had a significant impact on the first and the two developments important.

First, he played a key role in the increase in energy prices that began in 1972 and continues to this day. Thanks for the challenge of the oil companies control over international oil prices he began the transition of power conference rooms in the palaces of the Western Middle East. In particular, opportunities Gaddafi has successfully helped over the fourfold increase in oil prices in 1973-74. Second, Gaddafi was known to the ancient Islamic revival. At a time when no one else was willing, he can proudly and provocatively advanced Islamic causes, by aspects of Islamic law, called on Muslims worldwide to do the same and to support all non-Muslims in conflict with Muslims.Gaddafi the long reign can be divided into four periods. The first and foremost, from 1969 to 1986, consisted of the frenetic activity on his part, the interference problems and conflicts in Northern Ireland in the southern Philippines.

An incomplete list include paralysis near Jimmy Carter in 1980 re-election campaign by making payments to his brother Billy, said political union with Syria, the help Iran militarily against Iraq, threatening to Malta on oil exploration in disputed waters, bribe the government of Cyprus to accept the Libyan radio stations and the deployment of troops in southern Chad, to control the country and enforce a political union for help, and a group of Muslims in Nigeria, which has left more than a century of violence dead. But, these efforts led to nothing.

When I in 1981 assessment, wrote: “Not one of attempted coups Gaddafi overthrew a government, not a rebel force was successful, not separatists have set up a new state, has no terrorist campaign of the population address, made a plan for the union was divided, and no country to save Libya following the “third theory.” Gaddafi has won the bitterness and destruction without achieving its objectives. Enlarge futility are barely imagine. “The first era with the American bombings of 1986 in retaliation for the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin, which seemed to affect the psyche of Gaddafi over. His adventure fanatic has dropped dramatically, accompanied by a shift to the Africa and the ambition to build weapons of mass destruction. Narrowed its presence on the world stage, he was released as a mother-Job.

third phase began in 2002 as Gaddafi tamed pay reparations for the role of Libya in 1988 Downing a Pan Am plane and has given up its weapons of mass destruction. Although the foundations of his regime remained in power, he was persona grata in the West, while the British Prime Minister and U.S. Secretary of even their respects to him in the fourth and final period Libya.The started earlier this year with the rebellion of Benghazi, where Gaddafi on retirement on the explicit brutality of his reign soon returned, throws the carefully constructed image attention to someone new to international expectations.

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