Horror star avoids terrifying movies


Just when Imogen Poots think it is outside, a crazy undead hand pulls her back in. “I have never been big horror, which is ironic – because I doubt many covered in blood,” said the British 22.

“My imagination is too ridiculous. I’ll go to sleep and convinced a coat on the back of my door a killer only appear to say, his” Hello. “I avoid horror films, if I’m honest. saw and all those who are not my thing. ”

Chance for his career, however, the zombies and vampires do not seem resentful. His breakthrough role came when she was finally only 17 in the brain-Day 28 days later after 28 weeks later. And is currently starring Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin in Fright Night, currently in theaters. In the remake of 1985 cult classic, it plays Amy, the beloved friend of Charley Brewster (Yelchin), the objective of a commuter sociopaths supernatural Jerry Dandrige” Farrell”.

Since the old version, the film celebrates the origins of the vampire as a primitive beast – something that fans ask, after years of Twilight inspired reverie, in which the blood-sucking, over James Dean inspired Bram Stoker discouraged.

Poots believes, however, there is room for both types of coffins people: those that sparkle in the sun and those that go up in flames. “I saw the movie Twilight. I think (Kristen Stewart) and (Robert) Pattinson are impressive. I have not read the books, but it’s a franchise that really relevant to my generation. They kiss you. ”

Fright Night, she adds, is “back to the original form of what it means to people. It is a form malleable. You can customize the shape of the vampire in your kind of movie.

“Twilight vampire to another, as we do.”Maybe. But what the two creatures have in common is that Farrell is just as irresistible to the opposite sex that Pattinson.

Take for example the sexual charge that occurs between Farrell and Poots during a crucial scene. “This is pure seduction. His look is all about him, and it overwhelms. Is his power.’s Why it’s so dangerous. He has the power to seduce.”

For Poots, marked their most important Fright night role this side of the date of the pond. 28 weeks later, she observes, gave her the chance “to meet people and themselves in the rooms that I have not had the opportunity to go on. This is the film that a distinction must sure– I feel like I was very fortunate to have this chance when I was a gun. ”

But she said when she went to Hollywood immediately after: “It would be premature since I was very happy to be part of this film and never find a strategy in every way, I just finished school and been completed– So I went a few jobs in London and only began to come to America with Solitary man (Michael Douglas). There was never a plan. It would be presumptuous to assume that I had a chance. “

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