Kim Kardashian’s weight gain is all part of a plan

Resently, we believes that the recent Kim Kardashian weight gain is all part of a plan from the Kardashian merchandising machine to give Kim a plot line to cry on the talk shows and then show how her Kardashian amphetamine powder diet shake gets her back into tip top shape.

In this regard, that is one of the most cynical effin’ sinister things I’ve ever heard—which is precisely why when you’re talking Kardashian mafia, it’s totally and completely plausible.

While, in any event, the currently chunkier Kim last night did what any heavier-set Hollywood icon would do, she girdled the hell out of her undercarriage, slapped on a dress that flattered her big ta’s, and hit BOA steakhouse where I’m guessing she ate a twig and a glass of cabbage water before meeting up with her rapper stalker boyfriend for caloric free meat.

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