Memo Issue – Baseless Maligning Pak Security Forces

By Brig Zaheerul Hassan

Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) while rejecting reports of British newspaper said that DG ISI, Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha did not meet with any Arab Leaders from May 1-9 2011. DG ISI visited the Arab countries according to preplanned schedule and visit was aimed at discussing issues related with intelligence sharing with his counterparts. British newspaper published a baseless report on December 13 in that visit of DG ISI was wrongly portrayed. ISPR has also categorically denied a media report which had stated that DG ISI General Shuja Pasha had met Arab leaders to discuss a military coup against President Zardari of Pakistan. ISPR has also mentioned that in this context British newspaper has been sent legal notice. The said newspaper probably made an effort to de-track the court from the actual issue of finding the “real initiator” of the memo.

In fact, the memo issue is under investigation and statements of Pakistani Chief of Army Staff, ISI Chief, American Major General (Retired) James John and businessman Mr. Mansoor Ijaz and Federal Government less president have filed their statements in Supreme Court. All political parties and nation demanded investigations in the memo case irrespective of their difference over the platform of investigation. It is worth mentioning here that at this stage Supreme Court, government, petitioners, COAS and DG ISI have not alleged anybody. They are interested to find out the facts since the text of the memo in question is very objectionable and danger to the sovereignty of the country. In this connection, on December 21,2011 Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has submitted his rejoinder to Supreme Court, insisting that the’ memo is a reality’ and an attempt to lower the morale of Pakistan armed forces. According to media reports late night of n Wednesday gave another twist to the memo scandal, when the federal government, through the Ministry of Defence, conceded before the Supreme Court that it had no operational control over the armed forces as well as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Revealed arguments of Ministry of Defence probably lacks thinking because giving such type of statements would not only add in friction between the insinuations but will also provide a chance to the foreign forces to criticise the sensitive instaurations of the country.

However, Incredible Mansoor Ijaz, seem to be the whistleblower behind the Memogate affair who claims that , the “memo” was written to strengthen Mr. Zardari against the armed forces and Intelligence agency but at the same time named Mr. Hussain Haqqanni, former Ambassador as a party to him. Here, it is mentionable that Mr.Mansoor is an untrustworthy “Ahmdi” who born in Florida. He is the same individual who suggested late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto for establishing relations with Israel. According to one of the electronic news channel Mr. Ijaz also famous for having deep connections with RAW, Mossad and CIA and used to write articles against Pakistan and its security forces. Therefore, I would again emphasis that there is conspiracy going on against Pakistani insinuations since Mr. Mansoor also claimed his connections with the active American intelligentsia.

But at the same time the role of Mr. Hussain Haqqani has never been indeffernt from Mr. Mansoor and nor been very pushing in guarding Pakistani interest since his placing as Ambassador in USA. The visible gaps between thinking of two important diplomats Mr. Abdullah Haroon (Pakistani representative in UNO) and Mr. Haqqani on various issues, issuance of passports to the dubious Americans were some of the touchy and alarming affairs for the responsible circles of Islamabad. In this context government probably failed in taking timely remedial measures and took the issue lightly till its explosion on national and international media. Moreover, it is also difficult to absorb his ruthless criticism against Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies. None of the patriotic person can ignore his grudge and remarks about the Pakistani forces published in the book “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military” and for that American think tank, Smith Richardson Foundation, has claimed of making payment of 100,000 dollars to former Pakistan Ambassador Husain Haqqani to write that book.

Unfortunately, now some of the group of journalists and Asma Jhangir tried to throw the mud on Pakistani Intelligence agency and security forces just after the first hearing in Supreme Court. The aim of crticising security forces and ISI is a foreign agenda since our enemies knew that the said insinuations are hammering their design of weakening sole Islamic nuclear power. It is also quite possible that American and Indian masters have tried to derail political system while pitching government, forces and court against each other. In this regard at number of occasions American brass tried to portray our intelligence agency and forces as enemies of democratic government and sympathetic to Taliban (Haqqani Group). For example during Prime Minister Gillani first visit to Washington, Obama administration alleged ISI for helping Taliban against US, again in mid September, 2011 American civil and military leadership gave abrasive statements against ISI and Pakistani security agencies. US military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen accused the ISI of supporting the Haqqani network in carrying out an assault on the US Embassy in Kabul on September 13, 2011. He further said that the Haqqani network is a powerful faction of the Taliban and a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s spy agency. He also claimed that they have credible evidence about ISI involvement behind the June 28th attack against the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. ISI Chief General Pasha strongly rejected the Americans’ allegations and denied supporting Haqqani against Americans. But, U.S. officials did not agree with Islamabad stance and started urging Pakistan to take action.

Concluding, I suggest that parliament and court should investigate the “memo issue” without compromising the national interest. Lastly, dealing, dragging and making armed forces and ISI as party on “memo issue” is not advisable and justified since they rightly demanded the investigation as defenders of sovereignty and security. Thus maligning Pakistani security forces in “memo Issue” is unjustified. There is only need to get united for defeating enemy who is ready to inhale our country since Pakistan’s inception.

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