Naughty Girl Selena Gomez Goes Sexy in ‘Spring Breakers’ promotional poster

Naughty Girl Selena Gomez Goes Sexy in ‘Spring Breakers’ promotional posterOh, thank God for the Spring Breakers show, because, otherwise, we would not have seen Selena Gomez posing in bikini without being at the beach too soon.

But, the teen actress goes to sizzling promotional shots for ‘Spring Breakers’ show a very grown up Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens baring down to their bikinis.

Notably, the “Spring Breakers” hits theaters on March 22, and it is clear the film’s marketing department wants you to know the film will feature more than a couple of girls in bikinis … but not much more.

However, the promotional shots for “Spring Breakers” have been released, and Selena Gomez, the 20-year-old ex-gal pal of Justin Bieber, stuns in her blue leopard bikini on the film’s poster.

Now, here she is, making our Friday even better just by letting us explore more her young sexy body. With a little bit of shyness, Selena Gomez is reserved in poses when she stands alone, but she unleashes more her wild side when the other girls join her. Yes, who would have thought the Disney girl has that cleavage? Look what she is been hiding underneath her clothes and her legs are just awesome, but, hey, but we have seen her wearing short pants all the summer, so it is not pretty news.

You know, one thing’s for sure: Selena Gomez turned into a hot babe. I just can not wait seeing her film, because it promises lots of beautiful girls, Selena Gomez included, wearing very small clothes. That is just perfect! But first, have a preview below!

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