Pakistan’s Response to the US Blame Game

Khurram Butt

President Obama is much worried about political stability in Afghanistan; rating of US President has decreased to 38% and presidential elections are also near, there fore she need someone to blame for their failures in Afghanistan. US facing difficult time in Afghanistan, after 10 years of US Invasion in Afghanistan their mission is totally failed, US want to exit from Afghanistan up to 2014 before withdrawal their forces he want to target Haqqani network but it is quite difficult due to circumstances, US military wants to create its own perception in the minds of US public, military and Pentagon has to maintain its credibility among Americans as it spends a lot of US budget on Defence. US telling to its public that Haqqani network is the actual threat and cause behind casualties of US soldiers in Afghanistan, US officials has lack of courage to reveal on its public that she has lost war in Afghanistan, US has put all the blame of terrorism on Pakistan.

US has brutal tactics and its blaming Pakistan for supporting terrorism, Allegation hurting US Pakistan ties, US on one side are fighting against militants but on the other side she also supports Militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Mike Mullen has openly stated that ISI is using Haqqani network for its proxy war in Afghanistan, ISI is providing financial support to Haqqani network. US Senator Mark in His article alleged that Pakistan is the main threat to Afghanistan and its intelligence services are the Biggest danger to the government in Kabul, three US bases in Afghanistan are very close to Pakistani border in the area of Miran Shah and they can operate there very easily, In last few weeks intensive shelling has been carried out inside Pakistan from Afghanistan side but international community is completely silent on it, Moreover forum under the name of ‘Global Counterterrorism’ has been constituted and 29 countries are its members. The basic aim of this forum is counterterrorism and according to the forum it has single out two countries including Yemen and Pakistan and declared these states as threat and bell of danger for the entire world, Both civil and military leadership of Pakistan will have to unite on one page in order to counter the covert intention of ‘Global Counterterrorism Forum’.

Actually Pakistan is on hit list of US From very past she want to de stabilized Pakistan at any cast their for she using different tactics against Pakistan on international level, now she is deciding surgical operation against Haqqani Net work within Pakistan, If unilateral operation is conducted by US in NWA then it would emerge serious problems and consequences for both US and Pakistan. It would be a complete terrorism if the US has taken any decision unilaterally to bring US boots on-ground in Pakistan and it would increase unrest and chaos in the region rather then decrease. We should not assume the news as a rumor because top US officials stated that Pakistan has been an unreliable ally of US in WoT. The US wants their forces on-ground in Pakistan, so she decided to launch a surgical strike on Pakistan in the area of Miran Shah within short span of time because she believed the area as hub of Haqqani Network and that Aiman Al Zawahiri also lives in the area, but statement of Siraj ud Din Haqqani is on record that secure and safe for them is Afghanistan and not Pakistan, Haqani group targeting only US Army and their public, America also increasing pressure on Pakistan for joint operation against Haqqani network, Pakistan facing the allegation that Haqqani Network is present in NWA and it is carrying out attacks in Afghanistan, their for One point agenda was discussed during APC that as to how we will meet security challenges.

Participants of APC owned and endorsed the resolution. All the points of resolution were passed through complete consensus. PM Yousaf Raza Gilani In meeting of APC stated that US leveled allegations on Pakistan despite of our sacrifices but we reject US allegations. US can not pressurize Pakistan to do more. Protection of our national sovereignty is top priority. Nation has complete faith on its armed forces. We want a strong and stable Afghanistan. COAS Gen Ashfaq Kayani and DG ISI Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha asserted that Pakistan can not launch operation in NW. DG ISI stated that army has defined 3 points strategy, General Ahmad Shuja Pasha stated that Pakistan will not take any dictation for operation in Pakistan and will set her own priorities for taking action against miscreants.

The US did not provide evidence of allegations. Four provinces of Afghanistan are totally under control of Haqani Network while 7 Afghan provinces are under their influence. Haqani Network is not carrying out activities form Pakistan and no leader of Haqqani Network is present in Pakistan. Haqqani Network is leading group of Afghan Taliban and it can play significant role in Afghan peace process. The US had trained Haqqani Network therefore US administration is very conscious and sensitive about it. ISI is not carrying out terror activities in other countries and we rejected US’s allegations, Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha said that Pakistan has legitimate concerns about the security situation in Afghanistan. If security situation in Afghanistan deteriorates then it would also have impact on Pakistan. Security officials during briefing in APC stated that US’s activity in Waziristan will be retaliated. Pakistan has the right of retaliation in case of US strike. Military’s readjustment plan is ready in case of US attack in Waziristan. Pakistan can also use options including stopping of NATO supply. America is also trying to find out alternative supply roots to Afghanistan for decreasing dependency on Pakistan.

Today politicians should have at least decided to block NATO supply lines or reduce it. Now when US officials saw the reaction in Pakistan then they realized that they have committed a mistake and now they have backed off from earlier aggressive stance. Mike Mullen stated that Haqqani Network is not totally under control of ISI. Hideouts of Haqqani Network and Al-Qaeda are in Pakistan. Haqqani Network is targeting US army therefore I gave statements. Our Relations are improving with ISI in various affair and we respect ISI. Tension starts after the matter of Raymond Davis and Abbottabad operation, US want to win the support of Pakistani nation but actually Pakistani nation is becoming increasingly against US because of their allegations.

Pakistan should ensure an active diplomacy on international forums that Pakistan is a reliable ally on WoT and suspecting its role in the WoT would not be beneficial for any one. As Chinese Vice PM held a meeting with President Zardari and discussed matters related to bilateral relations. Chinese vice PM Meng Jianzhu said that Pakistan has always faced challenges with unity and harmony. Pak-China friendship is everlasting. Actually US want to create distance between Pakistan and China to achieve their goal easily. Mustafa Najjar, Iranian Interior Minster in his visit to Pakistan held a meeting with PM Gillani and stated that Iran will take ties with Pakistan to new heights by removing all irritants. Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan should show unity for stable peace in the region.

Time has come that the entire nation should be unite and political leadership will have to avoid their minor and political differences for the sake of Pakistan. Pakistan will have to make serious decisions regarding alternatives of US. All political forces of the country should be united for protection and survival of the state. We should tell US that they have leveled serious allegations against Pakistan, It is better for US that it should restore friendly relations with Pakistan. US cannot achieve their goals in this region if they excluded Pakistan in the end game process. There are two solutions of the menace of terrorism one is military and second one is political, we do not want to adopt enmity with US but at least we should manage the issue with wisdom. We are witnessing that use of forces is not resolving the issue therefore the option of political solution would be initiated and for that dialogues with all fighting elements will be carried out.


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