Rising star Nina Agdal Delivers Uncensored Hotness for Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Commercial Deemed

Rising star Nina Agdal Delivers Uncensored Hotness for Carl’s JrBeautiful Sports Illustrated youngster model Nina Agdal shows she knows how to sell a burger — seductively eating it while gyrating on a beach in her bikini.

Ok, well, let’s be clear, my grandmother’s bare arm could be deemed to risque for U.S. television. But, we are pretty much, no, very much, the most Puritanical people in the Western World when it comes to control over images in the media.

And, why so many people in this country fear the bare human body, most notably, the incredibly passion-inducing female form, well, I know it exists, I just don not get it.

In this connection, we are shining the beacon of uncensored hotness upon some smoking photos of Danish delight, Nina Agdal, in some scenes shot for the Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial deemed too racy to air in the U.S.

At this moment, I don not care why or who made such a silly decision, but I do care about sharing them with all of you, because only through pure sextastic, can we find true enlightenment. And also Nina Agdal wicked hot barely there bikini photos, that is pure sextastic.

And, we briefly had the Nina Agdal bikini test shots from her hotel room taken before this commercial was shot. But sadly, the burger person asked kindly that we remove them. But, they only added to the myth that is the fast rising star of Nina Agdal.

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