US Pressure Tactics-Mumbai Blasts

Zaheerul Hassan

On July 13 evening three bomb blasts have been reported in the crowded Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazar areas of Indian financial hub “Mumbai” In these blasts 21 killed and more than 113 individuals have been injured. Indian government put New Delhi and other states capitals on high alert. According to an eyewitness the fire has been brought under control in Zaveri Bazar. Home Ministry has confirmed the serial blasts in Mumbai. Union Home Secretary RK Singh spoke to CNN-IBN and said, “I have spoken to DGP and Chief Secretary. Chief Secretary will get back to us with details. No confirmation about the intensity of blast.” Meanwhile an unknown Mujahideen Organization and Ultra leftist militants of Nexlites movements have claimed the responsibilities of triple bombings and said that Maoists people are determined to fight against occupied Indian Security Forces.

Earlier in the last week of June 2011, Maoist freedom fighters killed six policemen in two separate attacks in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The ultra-leftist fighters normally are using dense jungle for her activities. In the same week of June they entrenched deep in jungles across a swathe of northern and eastern India only in one Maoists area in one incident, four policemen died when their vehicle hit a landmine in the rich iron ore area of Kirandul, 415 kilometers from the state capital Raipur. It is mentionable here that Maoists struggle has become now uncontrolled and spreading vastly in the Maoist area despite brutal actions of security forces against them. It is notable herethat as result of security forces’ actions the death toll till January 2011 has arisen up to 1250, whereas was till the end of 2010,a recorded were 1,169. The Maoist movement, which began in 1967, feeds off land disputes, police brutality and corruption, and is strongest in the poorest and most deprived areas of India and has completely been converted into freedom movement.

However Indian political leadership does not accept this movement a movement of liberators. In this connection, while addressing a meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called the insurgency India’s main internal security threat. In my opinion, rocking of Mumbai and Maoist claim are not interlinked since attacking Mumbai now could be for a number of designs.

Firstly, its purpose is to sabotage Pak-India dialogue process. The Mumbai has been rocked by the unknown terrorists when recently Indio-Pakistan bilateral negotiations have been resumed after couple of years. In this regard, the Foreign Secretaries of Pakistan and India met in Islamabad, on 23-24 June 2011 for bilateral talks on Peace and Security including CBMs, Jammu and Kashmir and promotion of friendly exchanges. In this connection three sessions of talks have already been held. It was well known fact that the stated talks were held in a frank and cordial atmosphere and both sides reiterated their intention to carry forward the dialogue process in a constructive and purposeful manner.

Thus, blasting of Mumbai in this time frame is a mere try of leveling ground for those anti Pakistan forces who are interested to sabotage Indo-Pakistan recent talks. The regional security environment has become a real threat to the peace. It is U.S which has the intentions to stay in this region for her evil design of capturing Central Asian resources and sale her weaponry to Indo-Pak.

Secondly, U.S. pressure tactics on Pakistan. Clear cut cracks between Pak-U.S. relations have been noticed after unilateral U.S action of OBL killing. Washington has started blaming Pakistani intelligence agency for hiding Osama in Abbottabad.

Thus, the relations between two countries further deteriorated when Americans emphasized Pakistan to carry out military operations in the area of Pentagon’s choice—Waziristan. But Pakistan refused to carry out the operations as per American designs. The same has become the bone of contention between two frontline allies of war on terror. Pakistan has changed visa policy for American security personals and trainers and dispatched hundreds of them back to U.S. The worst kind of anti Pakistan blame game has been launched in American and western media. Meanwhile, U.S. has refused to provide the military aid of 800 million dollars to Pakistan.

Nevertheless, political and military leaders took a courageous stand and refused to come under pressure for the aid of some millions. On July 13, 2011, ISI chief General Ahmad Shuja Pasha has also carried out one day visit of Washington. The purpose of his visit was to exchange of intelligence sharing on war of terror. According to the media reports, at this occasions U.S offered for restoration of military aid if Pakistan Government Issue visa to the personal of U.S. security forces and trainers.

At this occasion, Pakistani political and military top brass has refused to come under American pressures and decided to stand by for her national interest. Thus, to put more pressurize Pakistan, American probably has started attacking Pakistan on various fronts like attacking Pakistani western border while using Afghan forces and local elements. US carry out sabotage activities in various cities through notorious agency CIA and then later on starts alleging Pakistan for militancy in India. Mumbai blast of July 13, 2011 is one of the worst activities of CIA in which 13 innocents’ persons. The sole purpose of the new Mumbai bomb blasts could be to involve Pakistan in the attack, widen gulf between Pakistan and India, forcing Pakistan to implement American agenda in war on terror.

Concluding, I would like to say that leadership of Indo-Pak should display patience against such type of blasts and must try to read the underline and should display unity to fight back regional terrorism and stand against untidily against any foreign invasion in the region. Pakistani president, Prime Minister and interior minister have condemned the Mumbai blasts.

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