Why the Grand Theft Auto petition won’t accelerate its release to PC

GTA releaseHowever, when Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in April of 2008, it waited roughly seven months to bring the title to PC.

But now, as the fifth installment in the series hits store shelves Tuesday, the developer famous for keeping its lips sealed about studio secrets has no reason to change up that formula — no matter how many signatures the ballooning Change.org petition garners.

Notably the number of fans clamoring for a PC version of GTA V on the petition site stands at nearly 420,000 as of this story’s publication. The number of signatures will only keep expanding as the game racks up more impressive reviews to bolster the ever-powerful Metacritic score that many gamers use, often unjustly, to direct their game purchases.

It is particular attention that the GTA V holds the title of second-highest-ever rated game on the review aggregator, behind GTA IV. [ cnet.com ]

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