World Trade Center attack conspiracy and Osama Bin Laden killed in a US operation


World Trade Center attack conspiracy, while Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terror network Al Qaeda and a symbolic leader of splinter militant groups, was killed in an overnight operation, conducted by Special US forces in Abbottabad city of Pakistan Reports suggest that two American helicopters were used in the operation—one of them crashed on a house after being targeted by retaliating militants. Also, his son and three aides were also killed and four others, and two wives and six children were arrested.

Bin Laden was the prime suspect in the 9 / 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He was born in 1957 in Saudi Arabia to a Yemeni father and Syrian mother. He was one of fifty children from several wives of Muhammad, a construction magnate who reached his palace building wealth to the Saudi royal family family.

Estimates his legacy of 30 million to 300 million are affected, but the latest figures can not be found, because he began using his wealth to finance Al Qaeda. His family, the Saudi Binladin Group, the conglomerate controls several billion dollars, had already distanced himself from Osama bin Laden, who had met the man described as a mild, generally polite and hospitable to strangers. But he always hated and most wanted person of the century.

Its ideology was issued a manifesto in 1998, which imposed reveals the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, U.S. support for Israel, and the economic sanctions imposed after the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq of Saddam Hussein denounced.

Reads “To the Americans and their allies, civilians and soldiers to kill, is an individual duty for every Muslim who is able, in all countries,” the manifesto, until their armies, shattered and broken wings , of all countries the output Islam, bin Laden reference to Western institutions, mixed schools, MTV, Rotary Clubs, democracy itself, such as embarrassment.

Bin Laden went to the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1970s in Jeddah, while still a student and was involved in the war of 1979-1989 against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

He raised money and supplies heavy machinery for the anti-Communist mujahideen and has also provided funding for a brigade of foreign Muslim fighters who fought alongside the Afghan mujahideen.

After the victory has been achieved in Afghanistan, bin Laden began to expand the war in Afghanistan on the extension to other countries. He concluded an alliance with radical Islamist groups in Egypt and elsewhere, the Al Qaeda in 1988.

After leaving Saudi Arabia in 1991, bin Laden left Sudan and established his own company and the training camp of Al Qaeda recruits.

It was a base of the Taliban in exchange for money offered to finance their fighters. Saudi Arabia tries, the Taliban, bin Laden turn to them after the 1998 bombings against U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, the pressure. The Taliban refused, and led to the recall of the ambassador of Saudi and diplomatic relations.

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